The community has spoken! Read some of the testimonials of happy customers below. These are quotes from real people about the services and products they love, brought to you by Clark Bodywork Therapies, LLC.. We are proud of our dedication to our friends and neighbors. Read some of the quotes below... they might be from someone you know!



Cathy C. - 5*****

"I was referred to Susan at Clark Bodywork Therapies by a good friend and decided to see if she could help me with a leg and hip problem I’ve had for seven years. I was injured in an accident and have suffered pain in my leg and hip from a severe fall off of a roof to cement that left me with a broken neck and broken back. During my first massage, Susan worked on the areas that have been a problem for me and I felt much relief from the leg pain. I’ve been through acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractors, decompression table . . . all in search of relief from the pain, to no avail. Usually the day after a massage, I’m a little sore in places but I wasn’t after this massage. I just felt more pain-free and relaxed. I would highly recommend Susan to help with stress, pain, or just to have a wonderful relaxing massage."


Kara Miller - 5*****

“I first went to Clark Bodywork Therapies in October of 2006 with lower back pain that had bothered me for months. After the first treatment, my pain had diminished greatly! Because Susan uses a more therapeutic approach she spent a great deal of time doing some passive stretching during my treatments as well as showing me some stretches to do at home to help alleviate the pain between treatments. With just a few treatments, my back pain vanished and has not returned! Susan has a gift, not found among many massage therapists, of being very intuitive. This gift allows her to focus on the client’s needs and personalize each and every treatment so that everyone’s experience is unique. This is definitely an experience I would (and have) recommend to my friends and family! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


Jan B.  - 5*****

"Susan is a professional therapist, who is competent, extremely skilled and knowledgeable about body structure.  She is passionate about her work and offers a variety of services, all of which are performed in a relaxing environment using high-quality products.

She listens to your areas of concern and always goes above and beyond to ensure she works your problematic areas.  Paying special attention to detail while connecting the muscular dots.

She is friendly, easy to talk with and makes you feel welcome and relaxed.

My husband and I were referred to Susan about 6 years ago.  We visit the area regularly and always schedule appointments at Clark Body Therapies.  We highly recommend Susan for a wonderful massage at a reasonable price."


Aneshka M. - 5*****

"Susan Clark is an amazing massage therapist who I have had a pleasure of meeting for the first time around 10 years ago, and I have been a client ever since.  Super personality ....always friendly and courteous energetic and full of life...Susan has a very developed understanding of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, so any problems area whether it's your neck, your shoulders, your lower back, knee or foot, she will know the solution, and more importantly, she will have that magic touch.... I always feel 100% better when leave my session.  I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for a great massage therapist.... You couldn't put yourself in better hands!"


Joni W. - 5*****

"Susan Clark is one of those rare therapists who can intuitively read a person's body and adapt her incredible skills to create what that body needs. I have been a client for more than ten years, and I feel so blessed to have found her energy and compassion to help me